Annual Meeting Updates

Annual Meeting and Election notes

Volunteers needed

Chugach is looking for members to serve on its annual meeting committees. A successful meeting depends upon volunteers who staff the Nominating, Bylaws and Election committees.

Members interested in volunteering must submit an application for the appropriate committee and a Committee Conformance form. The deadline for submittal is October 29, 2015. For more information, please call 907-762-4177.



Bylaws Committee application    PDF
Election Committee application    PDF
Nominating Committee application    PDF
Committee Conformance    PDF
Application for Director Position Form DOC PDF
Candidate Information Form DOC PDF
Candidate Attestment Form   PDF
Petition Candidate Signature Page   PDF

Reference documents:

Candidate Statement requirements

Director Qualifications

Petition Candidate Instructions

Chugach Bylaws


Committee Conformance Form   PDF
Application for Bylaws Committee DOC PDF
Application for Election Committee DOC PDF
Application for Nominating Committee DOC PDF