Commercial Customer Newsletters


March 2016 • issue 12 • volume 0

Chugach partners to acquire interest in gas field
Annual meeting and election notes
Energy efficiency - don't delay, start today!
Commercial Electrical Safety


October 2015 • issue 11 • volume 0

Chugach rates among Railbelt's lowest
Member Appreciation Week
RCA releases transmission report
Open Source Building Monitoring System available

April 2015 • issue 10 • volume 0

Annual meeting and election May 14
Commercial Energy Seminar - April 23, 2015
Commercial Energy Audits
Prepare you business for a power outage


September 2014 • issue 9 • volume 0

Utility rates under pressure
MEA to remain a customer a while longer
Inaugural Member Appreciation Week
October is National Co-op Month
Achieve real savings by controlling your peak loads

April 2014 • issue 8 • volume 0

Commercial Energy Efficiency Education
Building Owners awarded funding for Commercial Energy Audits
Increased rates due to HEA leaving system
Chugach Annual Meeting and Election
2014 Business of Clean Energy in Alaska conference


October 2013 • issue 7 • volume 1

Southcentral Power Project saves on fuel costs
October is Energy Awareness month
Commercial Lighting Workshop
Understanding the demand charge

April 2013 • issue 6 • volume 1

New fund helps Commercial Building Owners reduce energy costs
Chugach to offer energy efficiency pilot program
Update on the Commercial Building Energy Audit (CBEA) program
Do the math - a story of success in energy efficiency
2013 Business of Clean Energy in Alaska conference


April 2012 • issue 5 • volume 1

Free HVAC workshop for commercial building operators
Legislative agenda backs local, regional & renewable projects
Annual meeting and election notes
Alaska Energy Authority releases draft End-Use Study data


October 2011 • issue 4 • volume 1

Southcentral Power Project
Chugach Website: A Tool for Business
Gas contingency plans in place
For Large General Service members, demand matters

June 2011 • issue 3 • volume 1

How does your building compare?
Commercial Lighting Workshop June 28
Chugach keeps contracts local
New gas contracts mark end of era
Easy ways to save energy
Free classes on commercial energy


June 2010 • issue 1 • volume 1

Early estimate puts Cook Inlet gas costs higher for 2011
ENERGY STAR offers tools for commercial sector
Watt Buster - Commercial
Chugach works to maintain natural gas supplies