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Chugach members elect directors

Chugach Electric Association, Inc. members re-elected Bettina Chastain and Harold Hollis to the utility’s Board of Directors. Election results were announced Tuesday night, May 21, at the electric cooperative’s annual meeting held at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center. Bettina Chastain, Harold Hollis, Mitchell Roth and Ron Stafford ran for the two open seats. Directors Chastain and Hollis will serve four-year terms.

Of Chugach’s 69,320 members of record, 6,719—or 9.7 percent—cast ballots in the 2019 election. A total of 244 members registered at the meeting, with attendance estimated at between 450-500 people.

Director Chastain was first elected to the board in 2015. Director Hollis was appointed in July 2018, after former Director Sisi Cooper resigned from the board.

At this year’s annual meeting, Chugach members also approved two bylaw changes. The first clarified residency requirements for board members; the second expanded the number of trainings and educational conferences board members can attend annually while representing the cooperative. The Board of Directors elected new officers Wednesday night at a regularly-scheduled meeting. Bettina Chastain was re-elected Chair; Susan Reeves was re-elected Vice-Chair; Stuart Parks was re-elected Secretary; and Rachel Morse was re-elected Treasurer.

Chugach’s 2018 Annual Report is available and on-line at



Annual Meeting and Election

Chugach’s annual election is underway. Members can vote for two seats on the Chugach Board of Directors and two proposed bylaw changes. For more information click here.







Chugach seeks approval of ML&P acquisition from RCA

One year after Anchorage voters authorized the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) to sell Municipal Light & Power (ML&P) to Chugach Electric Association, Chugach has filed an Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) for its review and approval of the acquisition. In its filing April 1, Chugach filed an application to expand its service territory under its Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) to include the service territory currently served by ML&P. 

“After thousands of hours of thought, analysis, and negotiations, we are very pleased to reach this milestone,” said Chugach CEO Lee Thibert. “We know we will save electric ratepayers money over the long-term with this acquisition. We look forward to outlining our case to the RCA and moving forward with this effort that will have a positive impact in Anchorage for decades to come.”

“The amount of work and effort from Chugach, ML&P, and the city getting to this point has been outstanding,” said Chugach Board Chair Bettina Chastain. “The timing was right, and everybody came together, putting their best foot forward to do something that will be good for the community as a whole.” 

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My Account helps members understand energy use

Chugach Electric’s member portal My Account is helping our members better understand the amount of electricity they are using. The easy-to-use online portal and mobile app allow users to track and compare usage, view and pay bills, sign up for outage alerts, and track billing and payment history. Because of the technology built into Chugach’s metering system, members can see how much energy they are using on a 15-minute, 60-minute, daily, weekly or monthly basis (see sample graphic).

Recently, a member called our member services center asking about a spike in his bill. While looking over the usage history with our customer service representative, they were able to see a slow spike in usage between October and January. Upon further review and discussion, the member and the employee realized the member had been having problems with his hot water heater starting in October, leading to its replacement on January 10. By reviewing the data in My Account, the two could see usage drop to its former lower consumption on that date. The mystery of the high bill was solved in a five-minute phone call. The member was advised he could sign up for the usage alert feature in My Account and receive texts or emails if a similar usage spike occurs in the future.

To sign up for My Account and take advantage of the many features, go to