Safety City


SAFETY FIRST - Electric safety is everyone's business!

"Safety City" is an interactive electrical demonstration that is used to raise awareness of electrical safety.

It is a fun and exciting presentation which includes several segments. Segments include but are not limited to: what to do if a tree comes in contact with a power line or if a kite should get caught up in a power line or if a ball/toy is thrown into an electrical facility, or if there are power lines laying on the ground.

The program is targeted towards 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students and demonstrates ways to live around outdoor electrical systems.

Learning how to be safe around electricity

The program is about an hour long and includes the demonstration, time for questions, and a goody bag.

Chugach normally provides the Safety City presentation within its service territory, but it is possible that special arrangements may be made to accommodate other groups such as contractors, service organizations, Police and Fire Departments etc. 

 If you are not in our service territory but would like to request a Safety City presentation, please send an email to (SUBJECT: Safety City Presentation Request) or contact Holly @ 762-7233.

To sign up for a safety city presentation click here.

Safety City Letters from Students

Thank You Chugach Roxie October 5, 2015
Letter From Grady Grady October 5, 2015