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Wanted: EV charging station partners

In order to learn more about the use of commercially hosted electric vehicle chargers, Chugach will help fund the installation of five charging stations at different locations within its service territory.  The charging stations will be Level 2 (240 volt) chargers with up to two plugs.  The plugs shall use universal J1772 connectors.

Chugach is soliciting interest from commercial customers willing to host and potentially pay a portion of the cost of installing a charger as well as paying the monthly electric bills for the charging facility.  Interested customers must complete and submit an application by September 20, 2019.  Chugach will evaluate applications and make selections.  Installations are to be completed by June 30, 2020.  Customers must agree to maintain and pay for the charging facility for at least 3 years.

In order to provide Chugach appropriate research information, customers may choose one of the following two options.

  1. Chugach will meter the charging station as a Small General Service installation.  Through the metering, Chugach will be able to determine the extent to which the chargers are used. The installation may include associated minor load like lighting necessary to facilitate its use and safety.  The customer will be responsible for paying for the service line and the installation of a meter base.  The Chugach tariff provides a $1,700 credit that can be applied to the cost of the service line.  Chugach will create a Small General Service account for the facility in the name of the customer and bill accordingly at tariffed rates.
  2. A customer may choose to extend its own wiring to a charging station.  In this case, the energy used by the charger would pass through the customer’s regular meter and be billed accordingly.  In order for Chugach to collect the research information it is seeking, the charging facility would need to be equipped with a smart charger that collects usage data, and the customer would need to agree to provide Chugach access to the data for the project duration.

For either option, Chugach will contribute up to $7,500 toward the actual installed cost of the charging facility.  Chugach must approve the proposed charging equipment before it is installed.  Each facility may have up to two connectors.  For either option, the charging station will be selected, installed, owned and maintained by the customer for the duration of the research period.

Applicants will be judged and selected based on geographic location, activities available while charging, hours of availability, the technical merits of the proposal, and other criteria.

Chugach will provide technical assistance as requested and required.  Interested customers may request a site visit by Chugach before submitting an application by contacting Sue Frank at (907) 762-4631.  Program questions may be directed to Sean Skaling at (907) 762-4192.


Sept. 4, 2019 Public notification of the program
Sept. 20, 2019 Deadline for applications
Sept. 30, 2019 Deadline for decisions on applications (applicants to be notified)
June 30, 2020 Installations to be completed


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