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In 2019 Chugach competitively selected five commercial customers interested in installing publicly available Level 2 charging facilities with universal connectors. In exchange for up to $7,500 in reimbursement, hosts agreed to provide Chugach access to 36 months of usage data.

Alyeska Resort installed its charging facility in September 2019. JL Properties charging equipment at the South Anchorage Mall housing South restaurant and other businesses was completed in June. The Dimond Center and Municipality of Anchorage (for a parking lot near The Rustic Goat) completed their installations later in 2020. The COVID-19 situation affected all participants and caused the fifth selected-applicant to decide not to proceed.  Chugach will instead use that grant for other programs.

It is early in the research window, but data to-date shows the charging facilities are being used by EV drivers, which should also be attracting business to the host locations.

Photo EV charging station at Girdwood  Photo South Mall EV charger