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(for transportation network drivers; Not yet available)

When rental car companies at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport add battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to their fleets, Chugach intends to help pay the cost for one or more Chugach members interested in leasing an electric vehicle to use as a transportation network driver. The Chugach payment to the rental company of up to $2,000 per month for one or more months for one or more drivers (to be determined by Chugach) would expose both drivers and passengers to BEVs. Chugach will annually pre-qualify rental companies that are eligible to participate. Member drivers must meet the requirements of the rental car company to lease a vehicle.

The program is open to Chugach members with a per-lease limit to be determined by Chugach.

Member drivers will be asked to provide Chugach a short summary of their lease and driving experience, and to notify their passengers they are riding in an electric vehicle.