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What is a Line Extension?

A line extension is the extension of primary electric facilities to the customer's property, subdivision or commercial building. If Chugach does not have a power source adjacent to the customer's property, a line extension may be required. In some cases, existing Chugach facilities may be inadequate and upgrading will be required. For additional clarification, please read the Electric Service Standards & Requirements  or contact Chugach at 762-4631.

Customers should contact Chugach for information on the cost of extending electric facilities. Chugach may ask for a site plan of your property, and a deposit is required to begin the review and design process for extending electrical facilities. Chugach's Line Extension Tariff, Rule 8 will be discussed with the customer as to the fees Chugach contributes, and the cost the customer pays for the extension of electric facilities to the customer's property. Outlined below is the process for obtaining a line extension.


Line Extension Process

  1. Application 
  2. Preliminary Design & Cost Estimate
  3. Easement/Permit Review
  4. Final Design & Bid Authorization 
  5. Bid Process
  6. Agreement Process & Payment
  7. Applying for Service
  8. Customer Construction

Note 1. Line extensions involve construction of poles and overhead lines or installation of trench and cables and other facilities to bring power to your property, subdivision or commercial building. A secondary service connection links the meter in your new house, apartment or business to the power line.

Note 2. The length of time it will take Chugach to design, bid and construct your project will depend on, but is not limited to the following: type of the line extension (single-phase, three-phase, residential, commercial), size of the extension, availability of easements and permits, time of year, changes to building design by customer, execution of a line extension agreement (signed contract), and receipt of any required customer contributions.

Note 3. If the customer's project plans change at any time, it may have an impact on Chugach's design and subsequent construction schedule. The customer should notify Chugach immediately. Redesign by Chugach may be required and a redesign fee may be incurred by the customer. Changes to design can impact the time it takes to complete your line extension. If the customer requires a project to be re-bid, a re-bid charge will be incurred.


Customer applications are available:

  • by calling 762-4631; or
  • by coming to Chugach's offices at 5601 Electron Drive; or
  • by downloading the .pdf.


Submittal of a complete application and deposit to Chugach initiates the process. Deposits are $100 per residential meter, and $300 per commercial meter. A designer will be assigned to your project and act as the point of contact throughout the design process. Also, a work order number is assigned for tracking purposes. Any drawings, electric load requirements or permits the customer has for the project should be provided to Chugach at this time. Revised drawings should be provided to Chugach as soon as they become available.


Preliminary Design & cost estimate

A preliminary design and cost estimate are prepared for the customer's review. Chugach will explain how the costs are apportioned between Chugach and the customer. Specific costs will be deducted from the total cost by Chugach, and certain credits will be applied against the cost of the project on behalf of the customer in accordance with Chugach's Line Extension Tariff, Rule 8. The customer is required to sign both a cost estimate and an acknowledgment that the preliminary design meets the customer's requirements before the project can proceed.


Easement/Permit Review

After the customer signs the preliminary design and cost estimate, the project will be forwarded to Chugach's Land Services Department. Land Services will review the project design and proposed route to determine if easements are available or will need to be obtained, and what permits, if any, will be needed.


Final Design & Bid Authorization

The designer will prepare a final design based on the report received from Land Services. Easements and permits are obtained at this time. Chugach then prepares a bid authorization for review and signature by the customer based on the final design. This form authorizes Chugach to release the project for bid.


Bid Process

Projects under $40,000 utilize a unit price task order contract, and no bid is required. Projects over $40,000 are normally sent to bid every Tuesday to Chugach's approved contractors. Bids are generally received back the following Tuesday. The customer should have the property at final grade, and the easements free from obstructions (i.e., gravel, debris, old cars, etc.) prior to the start of construction.


Agreement Process & Payment

After bids are received, a line extension agreement is finalized for signature by the customer. Payment plans are available for single lot, residential line extensions only. The project will be released for construction when the agreement has been signed, and the customer has paid any monies due.


Applying for Service

To initiate a new member account the customer will need to complete the Online Member Application or contact Chugach's Member Services Department at 563-7366. To apply for new service, Chugach members should call 762-7129 after a Chugach approved meter base has passed inspection by the Municipality.


Customer Construction

Any customer may elect to independently design and construct new primary and secondary service under the conditions described in Chugach's Line Extension Tariff, Rule 8. When making this selection for primary line extension construction, please inform Chugach when submitting your application. No deposit will be required.