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Annual Meeting

Chugach Electric Association members re-elected Harry Crawford and elected Stuart Parks to the utility’s Board of Directors. Election results were announced May 18 at the electric cooperative’s annual meeting held at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center. Crawford, Parks, and Ron Stafford ran for the two seats that were open this year. Crawford will serve a three-year-term, and Parks will serve a four-year term.

Chugach shifted to electronic voting for 2017, and the voting total surpassed 2016 levels. Of Chugach’s 68,826 members of record, 7,436—or 10.8 percent—cast ballots in the 2017 election, a significant increase over the 6,329 valid ballots cast last year. A total of 224 members registered at the meeting, with total attendance estimated at roughly 450 people.






Committee applications:    
Bylaws Committee DOC PDF
Election Committee DOC PDF
Nominating Committee DOC PDF
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Board Candidate applications:    
Application for Director Position Form   PDF
Attestment of Candidate Qualifications Form   PDF
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