Sediment sampling in Kenai Lake
Kenai Lake, Alaska
Powerline Pass 115-kv transmission line rebuild project

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Chugach partners with Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Chugach Electric is a proud partner in a new video about energy literacy in Alaska. The video for the Renewable Energy Alaska Project and the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is a promotional video for their AK EnergySmart curriculum, used to educate young Alaskans across the state about the importance of energy. Through interdisciplinary units of study, the program looks at how energy is used, why we need energy, and how energy can be conserved. The curriculum is taught from K-12, giving students insights and information they can pass along to their families and use at home. Chugach also uses this curriculum as part of our annual Power Pledge Challenge with middle school students. Part of the video was filmed at the Southcentral Power Project, a power plant on the Chugach campus owned jointly by Chugach and Municipal Light & Power.  Visit to view the video.