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Safety Initiatives

Safety City Presentations

An Interactive Demonstration Used to Raise Awareness of Electrical Safety

The program includes safety information, demonstrations, time for questions, and a goody bag. Segments include what to do if a tree comes in contact with a power line, if a kite should get caught up in a power line, if a ball/toy is thrown into an electrical facility, and what to do if power lines are laying on the ground.

The program is targeted towards 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students and demonstrates ways to live around outdoor electrical systems.

Chugach normally provides the Safety City presentation within its service territory, but it is possible that special arrangements may be made to accommodate other groups such as contractors, service organizations, Police and Fire Departments.

For questions, please contact Leesa Little at or call (907) 762-7233

Electric Right-of-Way Program

In order to provide safe and reliable service to our members, Chugach has a year-round program to remove trees and other vegetation from utility easements. Also commonly called right-of-way clearing, properly maintaining these areas is required by the National Electric Safety Code. Chugach’s program utilizes best practices in vegetation management and has been a Tree Line USA utility since 1999.

Generator Safety

Standby generators are available in a range of sizes to meet specific power requirements. It is important to choose one that is sized to handle the loads connected during operation. Overloading a generator can cause serious damage to equipment and possibly be unsafe. Your vendor, retailer, or electrician can help you determine what size generator is most suitable for your home or business and whether the equipment or appliances you want connected to your generator can be operated safely.

Want to Learn More Safety Tips?

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