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Meet Wattson - Chugach's Electric Vehicle

In an effort to promote the use of electric vehicles (EV) in Alaska, Chugach Electric Association has purchased an all-electric 2017 Chevy Bolt. The EV purchase and testing is also in line with the utility’s business philosophy of sustainability which says that social and environmental impacts are considered, along with financial, when evaluating business performance. Chugach held a naming contest with its employees, and the name chosen for the EV was “Wattson.” Chugach employees will be driving Wattson to work-related events and meetings. The utility will also showcase the EV at renewable energy fairs, school events, and other community-related activities.

Electric Vehicle Benefits

  • An EV charged by Chugach-generated power is responsible for an estimated 62 percent less carbon dioxide than an average-efficiency gasoline power passenger vehicle;
  • An EV emits no cold-start carbon monoxide and other pollutants;
  • EVs cost less to power than an equivalent vehicle costs in fuel;
  • No more stopping at gas stations, no oil changes;
  • Convenient charging at home;
  • Greater acceleration, quieter operation, and long brake life due to regenerative braking


Visit Chugach's EV Charging Station

EV charging station


Chugach installed a ChargePoint electric vehicle charging station, the largest network of EV charging stations in the U.S., which is free and available for public use when visiting Chugach.

The charger is located at the Chugach Headquarters, 5601 Electron Drive.

To find other charging stations in the area, visit

Currently, Chugach does not have an electric vehicle or time of use rate.




Follow Us to the Future

Chugach is proud to lead the way into the future with its 100% electric vehicle. Reports show that electric vehicle sales are increasing every day, and it’s predicted that EVs will surpass internal combustion engine by 2038

Follow us to the future


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