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Beneficial Electrification


What is Beneficial Electrification?

The term “Beneficial Electrification” refers to innovations in energy technologies which are creating new ways to use electricity in place of on-site fossil fuels; such as gasoline, natural gas and fuel oil. 

Benefits of Beneficial Electrification

Reduces energy costs
Electricity is often less expensive than alternative fuel

Reduces carbon emissions
Electricity is cleaner fuel than on-site fossil fuel

Improves quality of life
Electric equipment is quieter, compact, and low-maintenance.


Hear From Our Members

Chugach Members support the transition to electrified tools and devices within their homes, recognizing the numerous benefits associated with this shift towards cleaner and more efficient energy usage.

Member Incentive Programs

Chugach provides an array of incentive programs for beneficial electrification, offering its members diverse opportunities to optimize their energy usage and contribute to a more sustainable future. Additionally, Chugach encourages members to participate in federal energy-saving programs.

Beneficial Electrification and Energy Star (BEES)

Heat Pump Pilot Program

Electric Vehicles

Federal Incentives and Rebates

Federal Tax Credits