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Member Advisory Council June 2022 Meeting

Member Advisory Council

The Chugach Board of Directors recently reimplemented the Member Advisory Council (MAC). The MAC advises the board as an ad hoc committee on issues impacting the member-owned electric cooperative. MAC volunteers assist in the overall effort to get more engagement from members, provide feedback on emerging issues within the electric utility, and connect members to the governance structure of the member-owned cooperative. Additionally, MAC members help identify candidates for Chugach’s election committees and board seats. MAC members are appointed in the fall and the meetings are held quarterly. 

Chugach members can apply to serve on the MAC by filling out an application and the conformance form when the application process is open in the fall. Mail or deliver applications to: Corporate Communications, 5601 Electron Drive, Anchorage, AK  99518. You may also request applications and email completed applications to: For more information call (907) 762-4489.

MAC application


Conformance form


The Chugach Electric Assoc. Bylaws provide that the Board of Directors (Board) may create and establish a Member Advisory Council (MAC) to advise the Board as an ad hoc committee (Article XIV, Advisory Council, Section 1, Member Advisory Council). When appointing the MAC, the Board is to select members from different sections of the service area of the Association so as to insure equitable representation (Art. XIV, Sec. 2).

The MAC is a means for members of the Association to advise the Board on topics requested by the Board in a scope of work and to otherwise serve as a sounding board for the Board in the evaluation of issues which affect the members (Board Policy 601). The Policy provides that the Counsel is limited to a total of 15 members that meet certain qualifications referenced in the Bylaws and have an interest in serving as a Council member to advise the Board on those matters assigned to it and must be available to participate in scheduled Council meetings.