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Line Extension Process

Line Extension Process

The power lines you see running down the street or behind your home are the primary lines. If your property does not have access to primary lines close by, Chugach will provide you with a cost estimate and design for the work.

The line running from the street or the back of your property to your home/building is the service run. To initiate a work request for a primary line extension or a new service run, please submit your request via the Engineering Request form. Information here focuses on the primary line extension process as it's more involved.

Chugach's Line Extension, Tariff, Rule 8 will provide more in-depth information regarding the regulatory rules for designing and constructing you line extension. Your electrical contractor will benefit from referring to our Electric Service Standard & Requirements.

Our engineering team will need specific information from you, such as a site plan and ratings of the new service that will follow the primary line extension. Refer to our Information Requirement Checklist for more details.

Line Extension Process

  • Engineering Request form
  • Preliminary Design & Cost Estimate
  • Easement/Permit Review
  • Final Design & Line Extension Agreement
  • Preparing for Construction
  • Schedule Construction Crews
  • Applying for Service


Engineering Service Request Web Form

Once you submitted your work request through the Engineering Request form a member of our engineering team will be in touch. Confirmation of your submittal includes an email address where you can submit available information required and a Line Extension Application. Please remember to include your assigned Request ID number in your email.

You'll work with a member of our engineering team to ensure all documents and information required are on hand. Deposits are $100 per residential meter, and $300 per commercial meter to open a work order. A designer will be assigned to your project and act as the point of contact throughout the design process.

Preliminary Design & Cost Estimate

A preliminary and cost estimate are prepared for the customer's review. Once you've worked through any revisions, sign your approval on the drawings and cost estimate and return to Chugach. Now is the time to give telecommunication companies you want to work with your project notice and begin those arrangements.

Easement/Permit Review

Our engineering team has been working with Chugach's Land Services Department to determine if easements are available or will need to be obtained, and what permits, if any, will be needed. Chugach's Land Services may be working with you and/or your new neighbors to acquire necessary easement to reach your property.

Final Design & Line Extension Agreement

The designer has worked with you and Land Services to finalize the design and we've received the final cost estimate from our contractor. Our team will issue you a Line Extension Agreement for your review and approval.

Preparing for Construction

Before Chugach can begin construction your job site will need to be at final grade. Any clearing on your property that you have elected to do yourself needs to be completed prior to construction. Making sure easement are clear of obstruction will hasten the project.

Schedule Construction Crews

The signed Line Extension Agreement and stated amount due needs to be delivered to our offices in cash or by check. Payment plans are available for single lot, residential line extensions only. When these steps are complete the engineering team will coordinate scheduling your project with our contractor.

Applying for Service 

You can submit an application for new service on the Chugach website. Call Chugach's New Service Desk at 762-4729 with your green tag number received when you passed the MOA inspection. Crews will be scheduled once your green tag number is received. The service cannot be connected prior to municipal approval.