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Residential EV Charging program

Chugach will provide a $200 credit, per Level 2 charger, at residential locations. No more than two credits per location (account number) will be distributed.

EV owners do most of their charging at home. Chugach would benefit by knowing where on its system 240-volt residential EV charging is occurring. Therefore, Chugach is offering a $200 credit to its residential members who provide proof of electric vehicle charging at home with a Level 2 charger or with a 240-volt receptacle and a mobile Level 2 charging connector.

It is possible a household might have two EVs, each with its own charger. In that case two credits could be requested for the same residence.  A member with chargers installed at a primary residence and a secondary residential property could request up to two credits at each location. There is a limit of one credit per charger, with a max of two credits per location (Chugach account number).

Residential EV Charging Application link