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Transmission line damaged by Swan Lake fire back in service

Repairs to the transmission line damaged by the Swan Lake Fire have been completed by Homer Electric Association and the line was re-energized on Dec. 19. Following the wildfires that began in June, the line has been out of service since Aug. 18. The damage to the line was less extensive than first thought, with damage to three structures.

While the line was out of service, Chugach was unable to access hydropower from Bradley Lake and had to use more expensive natural gas to produce power. Chugach’s cost to provide power increased approximately $2.7M while the line was not in service. The additional costs are being recovered through Chugach’s fuel and purchased power rates. Chugach members using an average of 600 kwh per month saw an increase of just under $3.00 on their monthly bill. It is expected that the entire cost will be fully recovered in electric rates by the end of the first quarter 2020.

Chugach appreciates our members patience and understanding as we continue to provide the most reliable and cost-efficient power.

Wanted: Members for Advisory Council

The Chugach Board of Directors is looking for volunteers to serve on a Member Advisory Council (MAC). The MAC would advise the board as an ad hoc committee on issues impacting the member-owned cooperative.

MAC volunteers would be asked to discuss and provide feedback on what members are hearing and understanding about the potential acquisition of Municipal Light & Power by Chugach. If the acquisition is approved, the MAC will also help connect new Chugach members to the governance structure of a member-owned cooperative.

Additionally, board members see the MAC as a way to assist in providing a pathway for interested members to become involved in their cooperative, learn about issues the board and management are considering, and how the board works with management of Chugach. 

“This is an exciting time at Chugach, and we want to include more members in our planning for the future,” said Bettina Chastain, Board Chair. “The Member Advisory Council is a good opportunity to hear different perspectives, and bring new ideas to the board.”

The MAC would be in addition to Chugach’s other volunteer committees which include Election, Nominating, and Bylaws. Chugach members can apply to serve on the MAC by filling out an application located here. 

Applications are due by the close of business on Feb. 12, 2020. Mail or deliver applications to: Corporate Communications, 5601 Electron Drive, Anchorage, AK  99518. For more information call (907) 762-4489.

Member Appreciation Day is a huge hit

Rain and wind did not dampen the spirits of Chugach members, as more than 300 members showed up for this year’s Member Appreciation Day on Oct. 4. We served up 750 hot dogs, gave bucket truck rides, toured a power plant, and had an overall great day. 

Thank you to those who came out to celebrate being a part of a member-owned electric cooperative. 

Member Appreciation Day Highlight Video

Power Pledge Challenge kicks off October Energy Awareness Month

More than 3,500 sixth through eighth grade students in Alaska will learn about energy efficiency and compete for prizes as part of the Power Pledge Challenge. Utilities and organizations host the statewide challenge as part of Energy Awareness Month recognized every year in October. In the Challenge, students complete a hands-on activity from the AK EnergySmart curriculum, learn how to calculate energy usage, and ways to reduce usage at home. Students then conduct an online home energy audit with their families and identify specific actions they will take to use energy more efficiently.

Over the past six years, this challenge has grown from 700 students in Anchorage, to more than 3,500 throughout the state competing for regional and statewide prizes. The statewide prize includes $2,200 worth of energy-related classroom supplies. Last year’s statewide prize winning teacher, Susan Tifental from Hanshew Middle School in Anchorage, said “The energy awareness lesson brought to the schools by the Power Pledge Challenge partners is an excellent introduction to the seventh grade energy unit. Students are interested and engaged in the activities due to their relevant, local content. They especially liked learning about the energy consumption of the light bulbs in the Arctic Star.”

The Power Pledge Challenge is supported by Alaska Electric Light & Power, Alaska Energy Authority, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Chugach Electric Association, City of Seward, Golden Valley Electric Association, Homer Electric Association, Kwigillingok Power Company, Matanuska Electric Association, Anchorage Municipal Light & Power, Nome Joint Utility Services, and Renewable Energy Alaska Project.