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Report a Danger Tree on your Property

If you have a tree on your privately owned property that you are worried about falling into the power line or on electrical equipment, you can report your Danger Tree to CEA and we will come to inspect it and/or take it down. Please note that you must mark the danger tree(s) on your property before completing this form.

Please complete our Danger Tree Report Form below.

See a Tree Touching the Line?

Please call our dispatchers immediately if you observe a tree touching an overhead line, 907-762-7227. Do not touch the tree or try to move it yourself as it may be energized.

I understand that providing a Danger Tree Report to CEA is not a request for immediate action. It can take six or more weeks depending on the reported volume of Danger Trees for an CEA clearing specialist to come inspect and take down my Danger Tree. I also have marked the Danger Tree(s) on my property and understand CEA will cancel my request if the tree(s) has not been marked.