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Service Requests

Start an electric account with Chugach Electric by completing the Application for Service and bringing it to our offices located at 5601 Electron Drive between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Chugach requires applicants for electric services to show proof of identity and may require payment of a meter deposit and connect fees to establish electric service. Please contact us at 563-7366 if more information is needed.

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Billing Options

Paperless Billing

Cut the mailbox clutter and save paper: Go Green with paperless billing. Chugach will notify you by e-mail when your electric bill is ready.

Sign up for paperless billing and receive a one-time $5 credit on your next bill. You can pay your bill using any of Chugach's options. Paperless billing is easy and secure. Choose either or both paperless billing and AutoPay by Checking. The decision is yours.

Sign up online.

LevelPay Billing

LevelPay is offered to Residential and Small Commercial members.

LevelPay billing enrollment is open during March and April of each year and begins with the May billing.

We will estimate your annual electric usage and divide by twelve to determine your monthly payments. You'll know ahead of time exactly what your electric bill will be every month. In fact, if you combine LevelPay with AutoPay, you may not think about your electric bill all year!

With LevelPay, we track your actual electric usage, and any over- or underpayment will determine the next year's monthly payment.

For example, if your actual electric usage was less than the total of your payments, you could either reduce your monthly payments in the following year or be issued a refund. If your actual electric usage for the year was more, your level payments for the next year would be increased to make up the difference. It's that easy.

For more information or to sign up during March and April:
call Customer Service at (907) 563-7366 or (800) 478-7494;
send an e-mail to

or stop by our lobby at 5601 Electron Drive, Anchorage.

Summary Billing

If you have two or more accounts or meters, such as rental property or multiple business locations, Summary Billing is a way for you to save time and money. No need to handle multiple checks and payment stubs. You make one payment and have only one due date to remember.

You'll receive one invoice that will summarize all your meters. You'll still get back-up detail for each location so you can review your bill as you always have. We'll hold your early meter readings and consolidate the bill for all your meters together - on the date of your latest bill in the month.

For even more flexibility, you can choose to organize your bill by having accounts grouped according to location or in a way that corresponds with your accounting system.

For more information or to sign up:
call Customer Service at (907) 563-7366 or (800) 478-7494;
send an e-mail to;
download & fill out the Summary Billing Request Form (PDF: 30kb).

Payment Options

Pay when you bank

Check with your bank or credit union - Many of them offer bill payment services at no charge.

Any branch of First National Bank Alaska will accept your Chugach Electric payment on your current bill. Be sure to bring your current billing statement. There is no charge.

Pay when you shop

For a small fee, any Walmart location will accept your Chugach Electric payment on your current bill. Be sure to bring your current billing statement.

Pay online or by phone

For a small fee of $2.95, you can pay online or pick up the phone and call it in to our automated payment line, available 24 hours/day. Phone # 762-7803.

AutoPay by checking

For even more convenience, use Chugach's easy, no fee, hassle-free AutoPay by Checking. No more late fees, no more checks and no more stamps.

Sign up online or download the form and mail it in.

P.S. While you're at it, check out paperless billing. It's easy and secure. with paperless billing, you can reduce mailbox clutter and save paper. You can still pay your bill using any Chugach payment option.

Capital Credits

Regulations & Requirements


A Chugach gift card, which the recipient uses to pay a Chugach bill, is the perfect gift for charities, gift exchanges, students or anyone who would appreciate a little help with their electric bill during the year.

For more information, contact Customer Service at (907) 563-7366 or (800) 478-7494, or send e-mail to