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Welcome to Chugach Electric 

Chugach is pleased to provide reliable, affordable power to more than 90,000 members from Anchorage to the northern Kenai Peninsula, and from Whittier on Prince William Sound to Tyonek on the west side of Cook Inlet. We have many services that make it easy to power your home and to do business with your member-owned cooperative. 

Residential Service

Start a residential electric account with Chugach electric by completing the Application for Residential service online. Chugach requires applicants for electric service to provide proof of identity and payment of a membership and connect fee to establish electric service. Please use our convenient online member application (link found below) to submit your application, or contact us at (907) 563-7366 if more information is needed. Current residential members who want to start or stop service may contact us by phone.

Complete Online Member Application

Med-Electric Alert Program 

Business Service

Start a business electric service account by downloading and completing the Application for Business Membership and Electric Service. Chugach requires business members applications for electric service to provide payment of a refundable meter deposit, membership fee and connect fee in order to establish electric service. Please contact us at (907) 563-7366 to discuss the requirements for your business application for electric service. Current business members who want to start or stop service may contact us by phone.

Automatic Landlord/Property Manager Program


Chugach offers two different automatic payment options; one is managed through Chugach and is available for members who use their checking account to make payments. The other is managed by the member directly through the My Account member portal and offers automatic payments using either a checking account or credit card payment option.

To sign-up for My Account click on the My Account button at the top of this page.

To enroll in the Chugach automatic payment by checking account option, click here to complete the online form. Please note: Any current balance must be paid prior to enrolling in automatic payments.