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Annual Meeting & Election

Plans underway for 2024 Annual Meeting & Election

Chugach staff is making plans for the 2024 annual meeting and election. The annual meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 17, 2024 at ChangePoint Alaska. The annual meeting will be held the same day as Chugach's Member Appreciation Event. More information on both events will be available in upcoming Outlets and in other Chugach communication. 

Two board seats open in annual election
Voting in the annual election will begin on April 17. Two candidates will be elected to 4-year terms on the Chugach Board of Directors. The four candidates running this year were all approved by the Nominating Committee. No candidates are running by petition.

The four candidates for the Chugach Board of Directors are:

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Sam Cason

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Todd Lindley

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Daniel Rogers

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Mark Wiggin

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Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Two amendments to the 2023 Bylaws were moved forward by the Bylaws Committee and approved by the Board of Directors to be voted on during the 2024 Election.

  1. Reduce the number of board meetings directors are compensated for per year. This amendment was submitted by the Board of Directors.
  2. Grammar and other non-substantive edits to the Bylaws. This amendment was submitted by Chugach staff.


To streamline the voting process, please check to make sure we have a current member application with signature, your preferred mailing address, and a current email address. Chugach's election process utilizes electronic voting and, upon request, paper ballots.

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