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Paperless Billing

Cut the mailbox clutter and save paper: Chugach will notify you by e-mail when your electric bill is ready. Sign up for paperless billing and receive a one-time $5 credit on your next bill.  To sign up for My Account click on the My Account button at the top of this page.


LevelPay Billing

LevelPay is offered to Residential and Small Commercial members. Enrollment is open during May and June of each year and the first bill of the new LevelPay year begins with your July billing cycle. We estimate your annual electric usage and divide by 12 to determine your monthly payment amount. You will know ahead of time exactly what your electric bill will be every month. For more information or to signup for LevelPay during May and June, contact us at (907) 563-7366 or visit our offices.

Payment Options


Automatic Payments

Chugach offers two different automatic payment options, one is managed through Chugach and is available for members who use their checking account to make payments; the other is managed by the member directly through the My Account member portal and offers automatic payments using either a checking account or credit card payment option. To enroll in the Chugach automatic payment by checking account option, click here to complete the online form. Please note: any current balance must be paid prior to enrolling in automatic payments.

To manage your own automatic payments and have the ability to make your own changes, 24/7, click on the My Account button at the top of this  page to get started. Register for access to your electric account through the My Account portal, navigate to the Pay Your Bill button and follow the prompts to set up your automatic payments, using your checking account or credit card. Please note: any current balance must be paid prior to enrolling in automatic payments.


Other Payment Options

Online: One-time payments can be made on the website using the Pay Now button at the top of the home page, available 24/7.

Over the phone: The automated phone/IVR payment line is available 24/7 at (907) 762-7803

US Mail: payments can be made by check or money order, enclose the payment stub from your billing statement and send payments to: PO Box 196760, Anchorage, AK  99519-6760

First National Bank of Alaska - current payments can be made in person at any FNBA branch with your Chugach payment stub from your billing statement.

Chugach Member Services office - 5601 Electron Drive (8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday). A 24/7 drop boxes is available at this location.

Rate information

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