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November 19, 2008 at 1:02pm

Chugach plans outage in Oceanview, Flying Crown and Poggas Subdivisions

Chugach Electric Association has scheduled an early-morning outage that will affect about 300 customers in much of the Oceanview, Oceanview North, Flying Crown and Poggas Subdivisions. The area affected is west of the Old Seward Highway, south of Lighthouse Court and east of Johns Road.   Map of affected area

The outage is scheduled to begin around 1 a.m., and last until about 5 a.m., Friday, Nov. 21. Chugach will be replacing damaged insulators on a 7,200 volt distribution line that cannot be fed from another power source. The damage was recently discovered during routine line inspection. It’s important to complete the work now in a scheduled way rather than risk having the insulators fail later and cause an extended outage. However, if the temperature is projected to drop below 10 degrees, the outage will be rescheduled. After contacting the businesses in the area, Chugach determined that the early-morning hours would be the least inconvenient for those affected.

For more information, call 762-4736.

Chugach is the largest electric utility in Alaska, providing power for Alaskans throughout the Railbelt through retail, wholesale and economy energy sales.

For more information, contact Patti Bogan, 762-4736, cell 242-0704