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July 19, 2022 at 10:48am

Chugach partners with YWCA Youth Summer Camps

Alaska youth taking part in the YWCA Alaska’s Youth Summer Camps will have the opportunity to learn about how electricity is generated, energy efficiency, safety, and future careers in the electric utility industry. Chugach Electric Assoc., Inc., is partnering with the YWCA this week in a series of lessons for the YWCA Energy Camp. Chugach’s Member & Energy Program specialist Chantelle Lewis-Boutte will offer a hands-on experience to build an understanding of the industry overall, and students will have the chance to tour a power plant.

“We’re excited to help educate young Alaskans about the importance of our industry and the many opportunities to work in this field,” said Chugach Acting CEO Arthur Miller. “Connecting with the community is a key principle of a member-owned cooperative and this is a great way to make that connection.”

“In addition to information about potential careers, our camps help students develop skills in leadership and teamwork,” said YWCA Alaska CEO Theresa Lyons. “We appreciate Chugach sharing time and talent with our campers.”

The Energy Camp runs July 18-20. Any media interested in covering it, please contact YWCA's Teresa Lyons at (907) 644-9600.

For more information, contact Julie Hasquet, (907) 717-9619