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June 19, 2024 at 9:17am

Chugach taking steps to mitigate potential wildfire hazards

With the current dry weather conditions and increased fire danger, Chugach Electric Association, Inc., is taking steps to mitigate wildfire risks in parts of its service territory, some of which could lengthen power outage times.  Chugach is taking temporary measures to power line operations in North Muldoon, South Anchorage, Indian, Girdwood, Portage, Cooper Landing, Moose Pass, and Tyonek.

Those changes include the response to re-energizing a power line. Under normal conditions, Chugach’s lines are re-energized automatically following a short-circuit. Often, if the short-circuit is temporary in nature, this action will remove the short-circuit and restore power almost immediately.  However, during the current dry weather conditions, Chugach will let the circuit stand open until Chugach’s line personnel can physically patrol an outage area before a line is placed back into service.  This temporary change in how we respond could lead to longer outage times.

“With the warmer temperatures, comes increased fire danger,” said Chugach CEO Arthur Miller. “Having our crews physically patrol and inspect an area before a line is re-energized is prudent action to take in these conditions. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our members during this time.”

Additionally, Chugach, working with its contractor Carlos Tree Service, is already clearing trees from its easements on the Anchorage Hillside as part of a normal clearing cycle. This activity will further reduce fire potential. If trees are outside of the right-of-way and considered a potential hazard, crews will work with property owners to secure permission before clearing a tree. Chugach will return power line operations to normal when conditions permit.  If you see trees close to or in contact with, Chugach power lines, please report them to the danger tree hotline (907) 762-7227.

For more information, contact Julie Hasquet, (907) 717-9619
Download 2024-04 Fire Mitigation Efforts.pdf