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June 16, 2020 at 2:40pm

Chugach members elect two new directors

Chugach Electric Association, Inc. members elected Sam Cason and Mark Wiggin to the utility’s board of directors. Election results were announced Monday night at the electric cooperative’s annual meeting held for the first time in a virtual platform in order to comply with health and safety concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brad Authier, Sam Cason, Mitchell Roth, and Mark Wiggin ran for the two open seats vacated by Harry Crawford and Susan Reeves who had both reached their term limits. Cason and Wiggin will each serve four-year terms.

Of Chugach’s 69,589 members of record, 8,249—or 12 percent—cast ballots in the 2020 election. That is an increase of 23 percent over the 2019 election. More than 100 members signed up to view the virtual annual meeting via a livestream. A recording of the meeting is posted on the Chugach website at

The Chugach Board of Directors will elect new officers at the next regular meeting scheduled for June 17.

Chugach’s 2019 Annual Report is available on-line at

For more information, contact Julie Hasquet, (907) 717-9619